With Alarm.com

If you currently have Alarm.com service, you have the option to add “EmPower” home automation and energy features as well as real time video surveillance.

What does my Alarm.com account already provide?

If you currently have an Alarm.com account, you have a basic package to supplement your security system which includes:

  • Remote control of your alarm system
  • Remote access to system status and history
  • Customized text or email messaging

What additional features are available?

Alarm.com enabled features are categorized as follows:


Home Automation: allows for remote control and scheduling of:

• Lights

• Door locks


Allows for remote control and scheduling of:


Video Surveillance

Receive real time video to your smart phone or computer

What do I need to do to add more features?

In order to add home automation energy or video surveillance features to an existing Alarm.com account, your cellular module must have “Z Wave” capability. If your cellular module was added to your system prior to March, 2011, it may not have such capability.

Call our office at 310-514-3144 to verify your module’s capabilities.

If your module does not have “Z Wave” capability, we will need to first install an updated module in addition to necessary equipment to add desired features, such as a Smart thermostat, video cameras or door locks.
If your module currently has “Z Wave” capability, all we need to do is install equipment necessary to provide you with desired features.

How much does it cost?

You will incur costs for both the additional equipment necessary, as well as a nominal increase in monthly fees for adding home automation, energy or video surveillance features.

With your existing Alarm.com account, you will only incur equipment and installation costs for additional zones, such as adding a contact to a liquor or medicine cabinet.