Frequently Asked Questions: Prospective Clients

  • We were established in 1984 by Mark Rosenfeld, a South Bay native. Mark and his lead technicians, Matt and Ron have over 85 years of combined experience with alarm, camera and fire systems. We take pride in our work.
  • Our company is still locally owned and operated.
  • Security is all we have ever done. Our clients are not additional revenue streams, they are people with needs. We are not “bundlers.”
  • Our business is relational- we know our clients and care about their needs
  • Peninsula Security specializes in custom, complete, quality design and installation. We understand that “one size does NOT fit all” with regard to your security.
  • Only Peninsula Security employees will install or service your system- NOT subcontractors, so we can ensure our high-quality standards are met.
  • You can expect friendly, prompt customer service- Janelle or Deanna will answer your call. We take pride in taking care of our clients.
  • Peninsula Security contracts are short-term and low-cost. We do not retain clients by locking you in. We keep you with quality products and service. Your long-term satisfaction is our goal.
  • Our equipment is non-proprietary and you own it. Be careful with “free” and low-cost systems. The equipment is often proprietary- nobody else can take it over if you are dissatisfied, and the equipment is often leased.
  • Two-year parts and labor warranty on new installation.
  • Peninsula Security has reasonable service rates.
  1. Who will be installing my system? Employees or subcontractors?
  2. How long is the contract?
  3. What is the monthly monitoring rate?
  4. Is the equipment proprietary?
  5. What are service call charges?
  6. How long is the warranty? Does it include parts and labor?
  7. Does this system largely rely on motion detectors?
  8. How many doors and windows are covered in the price quoted?
  9. If I want to secure all perimeter zones (doors and windows), how much will each additional zone cost?
  1. How many zones (doors and windows) are included for the advertised price? How much will I be charged for each additional door and window?
  2. Will I incur additional fees in order to obtain this service? (Examples: rental fees for equipment, high speed internet, trip charges)
  3. Are there any heat/smoke detectors included in the price?
  4. How many keypads are included in the price? Will this be enough?
  5. Is the equipment proprietary?
  6. How long is the contract?
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