We receive many inquiries about Alarm.com technology. You will be amazed by what your alarm system can do for you with this simple, relatively low cost addition!

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What is it?

Alarm.com is an interactive service, enabling remote control of and access to information about your alarm system over the cellular network, using a smart phone or computer. You need an iPhone, Blackberry or Droid phone, or a web enabled computer for remote control. You will download a user friendly app from Alarm.com.

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What are the Capabilities/Benefits?

With a basic Alarm.com package, you can remotely:

  • Arm and disarm your security system
  • Check security system status and history
  • Receive customized text or email messages: kids are home safely, your housekeeper arrives

You can also add “EmPower,” a feature rich home automation and energy management solution, and real time video surveillance.

  • A cellular two way module needs to be added to your existing system to enable Alarm.com.
  • This cellular module also has “Z-wave” ability, which with additional equipment, allows for “EmPower” home automation and energy features, as well as video surveillance. These additional features can be added at anytime in the future once your cellular module has been installed.
  • This cellular module is compatible with GE or 2Gig systems. If your existing system is not a GE or 2Gig, you will need to have your existing panel switched out.
  • Your cellular service provider is irrelevant. Your phone can communicate with the Alarm.com system regardless.
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What costs are involved?

  • You will need to add a cellular module to enable communication between your system and Alarm.com. All equipment needed to enable features, such as contacts for cabinets and doors, cameras, door locks, etc. is an additional charge.
  • Monitoring with basic Alarm.com features to compliment your security system is typically only $15 more per month than standard monitoring.
  • “EmPower” home automation and energy features or video surveillance are an additional charge. Features suitable for business applications may also be slightly more.

How does it work?

The Alarm.com cellular module communicates via the GSM cellular network, and links into the automated server in Virginia. The signals are then routed to our Central Station in Anaheim. This all occurs faster than signals travel over a landline.