Important Information for Our Clients

3G SUNSET/Lte Upgrades

All 3G (AT&T) cellular towers will be shut down as of December 2020. Some carriers modules may work into 2021 (Verizon). If you are an client, your cellular module may need to be updated, as older models will not work after the sunset. We may have the ability to tie into your internet connection as well on certain models (Dual Path). If this pertains to you, you should have received letters and emails from our office. If your module has not yet been updated, or if you are unsure whether or not this pertains to you, please call our office (310) 514-3144.


The signals that enable your features, such as remote access and control of your system, are sent over the cellular network and/or internet (dependent on your system). As such, there may be areas in which signals do not go through quickly, and sometimes not at all; they are the same conditions that cause dropped calls or the inability to place or receive a call or text when using your cell phone.

These temporary problems do not indicate alarm system failure, rather they are indicative of a temporary loss of cell signal. There is nothing that can be done by our office or to change these conditions.

If there is indeed a communication issue with your panel beyond poor signal strength, you can choose to receive notification from of such events. You would need to activate “System Event Notifications” in your account, and then select “My Panel Is Not Communicating.” Please call our office (310) 514-3144 with questions.

You may notice that cell signal in areas that was previously strong is now less reliable. As cellular service companies prepare for the 3G sunset, they are shutting down service to cellular towers, which may be the reason you notice changes in signal strength and availability.


Please remember that monitoring fees continue to accrue until cancellation paperwork has been signed and returned to us.

Before making the decision to cancel, please remember that:

  • Smoke and heat detectors are monitored 24/7 regardless of whether or not your system is armed.
  • You will lose any homeowners’ insurance policy discount that you receive for having a monitored system.
  • It is significantly more challenging for us to help you diagnose system difficulties without receiving signals from the system.


Thoroughly understanding central station dispatch procedure can help prevent dispatch of emergency personnel on false alarms, and subsequent false alarm fees. If you have any questions about central station procedure or your responsibilities in the event of an accidental alarm activation.

Please note: Clients may request different dispatch instructions.
Call our office at (310) 514-3144


Please keep your call list current. Out of date call lists lead to unnecessary dispatch and false alarm fines. Call our office, M-F, 8:00am-4:00pm at (310) 514-3144 with changes.


Please ensure that ALL users, no matter how infrequent, know both the disarm code AND the password. In addition, please ensure all users know central station procedure in the event of an accidental alarm activation: the central station will call the premises if the alarm is not turned off in a reasonable amount of time. If someone who knows the password does not answer that call, central station will dispatch, unless you have notes on your central station account specifically directing them to do otherwise.


After the warranty period, service call fees are as follows: $120.00 minimum. $120.00/hour thereafter charged in 15-minute increments. Monitoring fees do not cover service.


Please call our office at (310) 514-3144 if you have any difficulty with your system. Deferred maintenance is one of the most common reasons for false alarms.


Click on “System Help” for links to trouble shooting guides